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Pakistani Mehndi Designs

Pakistani Mehndi Designs are one of the most popular wedding trends in Pakistan and other parts of South Asia. Most women today, regardless of age, get their henna for parties and weddings. The bridal henna designs are mainly known for their elegance, the color and beautiful designs. These designs, which usually resemble reddish brown tattoos on the hands, legs and back, are cut with henna powder mixed with a pinch of water.

Origin of Mehndi Designs

The tradition of applying Henna or Mehndi goes way back in Indian history. It was brought to the country by the Moghuls who adorned their wives with these beautiful designs. At the time, there were dedicated designers who created designs for queens and princesses. Gradually it became a part of Indian culture with more and more women using it regularly. Today there are also different designs depending on the state culture and the family culture.

How Is Mehndi Prepared?

It is obtained from the henna plant's leaves, which is all crushed to produce the powder. The powder is then mixed with water, sometimes lemon, and turned into a paste. This paste is then applied on the hands, legs and even back of women in the form of artistic mehndi designs. Once applied, it takes almost 12 hours for the hands to be tattooed and usually takes almost 1 week.

These can be broadly divided into two categories: complex and intricate designs and simple designs. And it can be easily divided into many types and colors depending on the culture and state.

Pakistani mehndi designs are perhaps the most used designs in the world. It is also believed in South Asia that the darker the color, the more successful women are in their married life.

Apart from applying the mehndi patterns for weddings and functions, women also apply them in festivals. There are high end professional mehndi designers who make their living from this profession.


The trend to use unique mehndi designs has now also reached westerners; with Pakistanis spreading around the world, they carry this beautiful culture with them. You can do it anytime and improve your bridal look.