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11 Henna Designs That Will Look Divine In A Bride’s Hands

11 Henna Designs That Will Look Divine In A Bride’s Hands

11 Henna Designs That Will Look Divine In A Bride’s Hands

The legacy of bridal henna has thankfully not faded over the years. Millennial brides like to honor the practice in their own way. Traditional floral patterns have paved the way for minimalist designs. Just as all brides are beautiful, all interpretations are valid. Henna patrols, sit down, please. christmas lights outdoor | christmas decorations sale  | christmas decorations indoor | Urdu Shayari | christmas lights led  |  Best Washing Machine.

We’ll start with this immaculate design that immediately caught our eye. Everything from the combination of dark and light to the juxtaposition of flowers and geometric elements is beautiful.

Would you please consider identical patterns? We know you tend to get carried away – why take one design when you can flaunt two, right? Semi-final T20 World Cup | Pregnancy Pillow  |  English Shayari |  Final T20 World Cup |  IND vs NZ Live Stream.

Personalize it. Let the design portray your journey – the countries you traveled to together, the historical moments, the day you first met…every detail that matters to you. We love this design that cleverly weaves the wedding date into the arabesque strokes.

Experimental brides, let’s spoil you with the white henna trend. The snowy pattern looks divine when paired with your pastel colored lehengas. Those of you who appreciate the all-white look, this brand new fixation is a gift. christmas lights background  |  IND vs Pak Live Stream  |  christmas lights in bedroom  |  christmas lights coldplay  |  National Tree Company  |  Studded Condoms.

If you’re on board with white henna, play it up with a touch of gold. White-and-gold mehendi is a real thing in 2020. The trend is a roaring trend in the Middle East. It’s time for Indian brides to get up to speed.

Not convinced of identical patterns? You do you. This mehendi design is exactly what you are looking for. As it extends to the forearm on one side, it ends at the knuckles on the other. And how cute are those knuckle tattoos?

The circular mandalas never get old. This design fills the palm with a majestic motif and moves to the fingers and forearm with geometric patterns. Highly recommended if you don’t have the patience to sit for long hours.

What we love about the dark-and-light patterns is the drama it creates on the bride’s hands. Here the artist has used two different types of henna (regular and jagua) dyes and used the back of the hand to create a canvas. Props for highlighting the cuticles.

Geometric patterns also get our vote. The traditional patterns are beautiful, sure, but also exaggerated. Chill brides don’t have to succumb to the same old rules. Play with architectural shapes instead – squares pressed into diamonds, mosaic art and optical illusions, there’s a lot you can incorporate into your bridal statement.

Custom patterns are all the rage. For example, this comic themed mehendi is inspired by the folktale Arabian Nights. Would you like to look at the portrait of Jasmine and Aladdin? Sold!

Finally, for all the desi brides, who won’t settle for anything less than queen-sized, here’s a classic henna pattern that proves cliches aren’t so bad.

11 Henna Designs That Will Look Divine In A Bride’s Hands

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