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How to choose the best decor for Mehndi and Sangeet ceremony

How to choose the best decor for Mehndi and Sangeet ceremony?

Sangeet ceremony: Just like the wedding, the mehendi and sangeet ceremony is also something that attracts the attention of guests. When the event is more help and happening, the wedding event will be more joyful. Just like the ceremony, the decor of Mehndi and Sangeet should also be vibrant and beautiful. The brighter and more beautiful the decoration will be, the more life it will give to the photo album. You should always choose bright and beautiful colors because these colors reflect life and are as vibrant as it should be.

Among the Indian wedding decoration ideas, Mehndi and Sangeet decor play an important role.

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These are the things you should select for Mehndi and Sangeet ceremonies

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Bandhini pillows

These pillows play a big role as Rajasthani decor is much sought after among people. It contains so many bright colors and the bandhini design is even chosen by people abroad. Bandhini pillows are something that gives a royal feel to the whole ceremony and to the wedding decorations as such. Once you try it, you will be amazed by the magic of its colors and vibrancy.

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flower beauty

Flower decorations give a different feel to the whole Mehndi and Sangeet ceremony. Not only does it smell great, but it also brings freshness to the entire room. Flower arrangements are always cute and give a luxurious look to the whole ceremony. Always choose the best florist for the ceremony.

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Add some Bollywood style

If you are a fan of some Bollywood movies then using such props is a great idea. It can be used for the Mehndi celebrations like Bollywood film strip. For example, the photos of the bride and groom can be put on film strips with the clothes of their favorite movie actors. This will appeal to your guests and will make the whole event even more fun.

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Great tablecloths

Tablecloths are also in high demand. Among them, the Dhoop Chhaon covers are the best. It has a Lucknowi look and gives a Nawabi culture feel. It comes with different colors and with mirror work mostly in neon colors. This can be assumed for the Mehndi celebrations.

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Stage background

The animated stage backdrops bring so much fun and life to the whole Mehndi and Sangeet ceremony. The young guy will surely love it. Even adults were able to relive childhood during the Mehndi ceremony. The latest technologies like 3D, 5D, 7D can be used and the amazing effects can be used there. The love story of the bride and groom can also be imitated through this.

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Caricature Artists & Globe Decoration

You can hire a caricature artist for the event so that the guests have some entertainment. He can make instant sketches and the guests are sure to enjoy it. In the same way, you can give the ceremony a completely different light by using lamps, frames, etc. This will make the whole event a rocking ceremony and the guests will remember it the longest.

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