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Stylish Foot Mehndi Design – Beautiful Simple Mehndi Designs # 01

New Stylish Foot Mehndi Design – Beautiful Simple Mehndi Design # 01

The latest Stylish Foot Mehndi Design # 01 in the market keep up with current trends and fashion, People decorate themselves with henna mehndi during weddings and special occasions and it is usually applied to the females on their palms, arms and feet. Pakistani & Indian brides are beautifully decorated with henna on various parts of their bodies.

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Anyone can experiment with different Easy mehndi designs. You can choose a simple or a complex design, depending on your choice.

How to Stylish Foot Mehndi Design Applied on Hands or Feet

1.Mehendi, when applied on the skin, takes 30-40 minutes to dry. To enhance the depth in color, the life of hands and feet should be for at least 6-7 hours. Removing it earlier will give you a very fading shade of red.

2.Mehendi powder can be green, khaki or dark brown in color. When mixed with water, it usually develops into a dark chocolate color and gives off a typical scent.

For better results, use fresh mehndi powder. Just as the fresh wedding flowers complete the wedding decoration and fill the venue with scented aroma, mehendi made from fresh gives a very pleasant fragrance and color.

4. Aged mehendi designs give a light orange color on takeoff and this color does not turn rich over time.

To make their wedding night more fun, many brides like to put their grooms’ names in the henna Easy mehndi designs on their hands. The groom has to find his name and if he can’t, the bride would be in charge of married life.

6. Peacock, chess, lotus, elephant with a raised trunk, bride and groom are some of the favorite henna designs. Only a diligent artist can make them appear prominent, even within the complexity of the design.

7. The henna color will darken until the second day of application. Using mustard oil gives it a darker shade.

8. While the mehendi on the hands is still wet, the use of sugar mixed lemon syrup can be used to stick it to the hands for a longer time. This is done to darken the color when it is removed.

9. Many artists advise against using black henna as it contains a chemical called para-phenylenediamine (PPD) that is used for hair dye and can cause skin irritation or swelling.

10.Brides should also keep in mind that waxing is done before applying Easy mahendi designs as otherwise the mehendi will be washed off with the hair!

Mehendi has become an integral part of our weddings. Bride or no bride, this form of temporary tattoo is a favorite of all generations. To give the Easy mahendi designs smart look at weddings or receptions, glitter and different colored gemstones can be applied on the skin to match the wedding outfits.

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