Home » What to look for before buying your Lehenga Choli for that special occasion?

What to look for before buying your Lehenga Choli for that special occasion?

What to look for before buying your Lehenga Choli for that special occasion?

What to look for before buying your Lehenga Choli for that special occasion?

The lehenga and choli are a classic combination for women who prefer to dress traditionally and take on an elegant look at festivals and special occasions such as engagements and wedding ceremonies. This preference is not limited to Indian women as the popularity of the lehenga choli has crossed borders and is a topic of conversation all over the world. Ind vs Afg Live Stream  |  Aus vs SA Live Stream  |  Hindi Shayari  |  Artificial Christmas Tree  |  Eng vs Aus Live Stream.

While the best of these elegant dresses are now available from online shopping in Indian boutiques, it traces its roots to the ancient Mughal era when it was the choice of royalty. The wardrobe of every modern and fashion-conscious girl is not complete without an ensemble of different types of lehenga choli. So here are a few tips for you to consider when buying it for that special occasion:

Does it suit the occasion?

From time immemorial, women have loved to adorn themselves with this fabulous garment, with Mughal queens wearing them to the royal court and for wedding ceremonies. In modern times, occasions like Navratras, Diwali and Eid require wearing it along with traditional accessories like mehendi, dazzling ornaments or beautiful bindis etc. The lehenga choli is a good choice for such occasions but will seem out of place for birthday parties or business events . Revealing too much skin may seem appropriate for family occasions, so choose accordingly. reindeer decorations for christmas  | christmas lights on palm trees  |  Hindi Poetry  |  Pak vs NZ Live Stream  |  christmas gift ideas  |  christmas lights gutter clips  |  How Many Days Till Halloween.

Clothing fabric

It is also a wise idea to choose the right equipment, especially during the hot summers of India, because you don’t want to sweat and look like you just ran a cross-country race. Lehengas are usually made of silk, chiffon or other similar materials, so choose carefully. The rich embroidery may vary, but you can choose the exclusive hand embroidery for that unique and elegant look that will attract appreciative glances from others. Buy the right lehenga choli that suits your personality and put that feminine charm of yours on the onlookers. christmas lights for house  |  christmas lights indoor  | christmas lights bunnings  |  Love Shayari  | christmas lights for windows.

express yourself

A special outfit should be able to express your style statement without appearing to be putting a lot of effort into it. When buying a lehenga choli you need to make sure that the fit is right to accentuate the body shape. Comfort is also a critical factor and should be an important consideration when choosing that special lehenga choli

Stitched or ready made?

A hand-embroidered outfit requires real talent to produce and a lehenga choli requires a good craftsman to work on it. Many tailors are known to keep their making process a secret for generations, thus creating exclusivity and distinctive designs. Fortunately, it is now possible to buy an Indian replica for a low price from many online stores instead of depending on the whims and fantasies of a busy designer or tailor.

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